3CDSE has grown significantly from its origin as a networking forum to introduce SME’s to procurement decision-makers and influencers in the MoD and Law Enforcement agencies and to foster commercial discussion between SME’s and Primes.


3CDSE works closely with MoD, in particular DE&S, JFC and jHuB Innovation. It engaged both UK and foreign intelligence, Government and Law enforcement agencies.


The theme of 3CDSE is Innovation, with a focus on cyber security, hardware and vehicles, UAV and counter-UAV, technology and communications.

The Three Counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire comprise the hub of the UK’s defence and security industry – the “golden triangle” – with MoD based in Herefordshire, Qinetiq and the Malvern Cyber Cluster in Worcestershire and GCHQ in Gloucestershire, plus all the satellite industries which have grown up around them.

Several sources record that 90% of the UK’s defence and security innovation has its home in this triangle and at 3CDSE, there is a focus on business development.

"It's an opportunity to meet with end users and hear about the problems they are facing, the technology they are using and what does and doesn't work."

— Nicholas Hill, Plextek CEO

3CDSE is a unique showcase for this hub of innovation to share new ideas and host those involved in the industry nationally and internationally on their “home turf”. The show brings together senior military leading forces development and procurement, senior police engaged in the fight against cyber-crime, the intelligence and security agencies, and the industry innovators who supply them, to identify future strategies and needs.

In 2019 3CDSE became a 2-day event with the addition of the JFC CAP SP & DE&S Special Projects Industry Day, historically held at Shrivenham and now securing a new home at 3CDSE. 

The 2019 event saw over 1500 delegates and 100 exhibitors and cemented 3CDSE’s reputation as a forum for the military, suppliers, law enforcement and security agencies to identify common interests, solutions and opportunities.

3CDSE 2019







The 2019 event followed on from the success of the first Herefordshire Defence & Security Expo HDSE, which was held in Hereford in February 2017 and which became the Three Counties Defence & Security Expo 3CDSE when it moved to its new and current home of the Three Counties Showground, Malvern in 2018.

We wish to thank our sponsors, media and event partners for their support and contribution to 3CDSE.


LPA is a Veteran owned and managed Defence SME that focuses on the design, sourcing, integration, supply and support of soldier systems capabilities. Core products include specialist clothing, body armour, load carriage systems, unmanned systems (drones), weapon ancillaries, hearing protection, helmet systems, counter-UAV capabilities, personal weapons (both lethal and non-lethal), G2G Rocket Systems, and optics. Historically, our prime customer was the more specialist elements of UK MOD, however, we have consciously re-organised to broaden our customer base and now supply wider UK MOD, UK Police Forces, a range of European military forces, and several NATO forces. What differentiates us within our market place is our ability to genuinely understand Customer requirements, and then generate and integrate an affordable solution.  Critically, we deliver capabilities that work. LPA currently supplies a significant proportion of the clothing and personal protection equipment worn by ‘specialist’ UK soldiers, Armed Police, and UK military aircrews. Our portfolio of suppliers and customers continues to grow, whilst we remain agile and innovative in all that we do.





We are delighted to once again be supporting Mission Motorsport as the official 3CDSE charity. In its five years of operations, Mission Motorsport has delivered more than 4,000 training days of sport for 1400 beneficiaries, leading to over 230 placements and over 100 jobs.

It is funded by Help For Heroes and The Royal British Legion as well as by industry partners and independent fundraising.

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