Three Counties Defence and Security Expo

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The UK’s most diverse and forward-thinking security expo

3CDSE water army camouflage nightsight

Welcome to the Three Counties Defence and Security Expo (3CDSE),  the UK’s most diverse and forward-thinking defence and security expo. 

3CDSE is an active touchpoint for leading-edge technology and strategic thinking, bringing together the UK's leading innovators to create a forum for mutually beneficial commercial discussions between industry, armed forces, government, law enforcement and emergency services. 

3CDSE is proud to work closely with MOD,
in particular Defence Equipment & Support and 
Strategic Command.

It engages both UK and foreign intelligence,
Government and Law enforcement agencies

Why Visit

3CDSE is a unique showcase for this hub of innovation to share new ideas and host those involved in the industry nationally and internationally on their “home turf”. The show brings together senior military leading forces development and procurement, senior police engaged in the fight against cyber-crime, the intelligence and security agencies, and the industry innovators who supply them, to identify future strategies and needs.

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3CDSE always has its targets set on the new threat landscape – how air, sea, land, cyber and space capabilities are evolving to become fit for purpose today and prepared for the new challenges and capability requirements of tomorrow.

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Event & Media Partners

We wish to thank our sponsors, media and event partners for their support and contribution to the tremendous success of 3CDSE 2019 and are delighted that many have chosen to join us again sponsors and partners in 2020. We welcome you and thank you.

1500+ in 2019

1500+ decision-makers from the Military, Law enforcement, Government, Private sector, Security Agencies and Emergency services and 100+ exhibitors attended in 2019.








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Please note: 3CDSE and its trading company 3CDS (Trading) Ltd do not sell or pass on any 3CDSE contact details to third parties other than those that are expressly authorised to have access to that data for the proper functioning of their roles.

On occasion we are made aware of unscrupulous external actors who claim to hold data from exhibitions such as 3CDSE. Please be advised that any person offering such data and purporting to be acting on behalf 3CDSE is fraudulent.

Our Security and IT experts advise that it is best not to respond to such emails as by doing so, you may be unwittingly verifying your own email address. If you have any concerns in this regard, please contact Anna Roby-Welford, Director, 3CDSE