The 3CDSE Innovation Demonstration Zone in the Main Arena provides a unique opportunity for a range of demonstrations on a live scale, including drones, hardware and vehicles.

Do you have technology, hardware or vehicles that would benefit from live scale outdoor display and demonstration? With an area the size of a football pitch to utilise, your demonstrations can include: • Moving vehicles• All-terrain display platforms• Crowd control displays• Drone demonstrations  Create an internal command and control panel at your exhibition stand to show the data and learnings of your demonstrations. As a Drone and Demonstration Zone demonstrator, you will be provided with opportunities to engage with 3CDSE visitors pre, during and post-3CDSE to promote your demonstration and seek feedback. Any additional costs associated with your demonstration will be the responsibility of the demonstration exhibitor. Terms and conditions will apply.

Wish to demonstrate?

If you would like to demonstrate your product, vehicle, drone or technology, please register your interest by contacting Bex Kelly at