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17 Jun 2021

Ridgemount Technologies presented by Castle Microwave

Castle Microwave Stand: 87, 88
  • Ridgemount Technologies presented by Castle Microwave
  • Ridgemount Technologies presented by Castle Microwave
Ridgemount Technologies presented by Castle Microwave Ridgemount Technologies presented by Castle Microwave

Ridgemount Technologies offer FieldLite tactical cables for harsh environment applications. These cables are optimized for repeated cable winding, have a high mechanical resistance, and are compact with high flexibility. FieldLite cable is available in 2, 4, 8 and 12 fibre configurations with a variety of multimode or
singlemode fibres available, and all have a robust and halogen-free outer sheath. Ridgemount are also an approved termination facility for the cables offering bespoke assemblies for a variety of connector types and applications.

The F Beam® 300 Series expanded beam connector offers customers a 2 or 4 channel fibre optic connector ideal for multi-mode and single-mode, field deployable, harsh environment applications. It features an Advanced F-Beam™ Alignment Technology employing a hermaphroditic design, and meets MIL83526/MIL20/ MIL21. As well as offering an excellent optical performance, with low insertion loss and high return loss, the connector is easy to connect and clean. Inter-mateable with other HMA Connectors, it is also field repairable and available for a variety of cable sizes and options.



  • Communications
  • Drones | UAV | Counter UAV
  • Night vision | Optics | Optronics
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's)



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