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  • 2021
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Weatherhaven is a leading provider of energy efficient re-deployable infrastructure to remote sites in some of the world’s harshest environments. Established for over 40 years, we design, manufacture and deploy innovative shelter systems for a wide variety of military, commercial and medical applications.   


Weatherhaven has delivered Command Post and HQ infrastructure to many NATO forces in the past 25 years, culminating in the recent HQSS Programme for the Canadian DND. Separately, in 2020 alone, Weatherhaven has delivered more than 25 medical facilities worldwide in the fight against Covid-19.   


Our fabric and containerised shelters are designed to be modular to offer the commander in the field creative and strategic possibilities. With partnerships in many countries and manufacturing facilities on five continents, the company has grown to become a dominant infrastructure provider on all seven continents, with deployments in more than 50 countries. 



Oakley's Yard
Gatehouse Road
Rotherwas Industrial Estate
United Kingdom



    29 Oct 2021 Weatherhaven
    Extended Height Mobile Expandable Container Configuration
  • Base Camp Systems

    29 Oct 2021 Weatherhaven
    Weatherhaven provide camp solutions for any size deployment anywhere in the World
  • Polar Systems

    29 Oct 2021 Weatherhaven
    Weatherhaven are the Polar Shelter System Experts

    29 Oct 2021
    Rapidily Deployable Modular Shelter System

    29 Oct 2021 Weatherhaven
    Tactical Redeployable Expandable Container Configuration
  • MECC

    29 Oct 2021 Weatherhaven
    Mobile Expandable Container Configuration
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