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  • 2021


KTN’s purpose is to create diverse connections to drive positive change for the UK economy, our society and environment. 

It brings together innovators, entrepreneurs and investors from industry, academia and government to connect ideas, people and communities to accelerate ambitious ideas into real-world solutions.


Business Design Centre
Suite 220, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street
N1 0QH
United Kingdom



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  • Connecting for Net Zero

    30 Jun 2021 KTN
    KTN has over 25 projects working on Net Zero solutions from decarbonisation to circular economy and sustainable innovation.
  • KTN strategic priority 
  • KTN exists to connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities beyond their existing thinking - accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions. 
  • The iX Challenge competition, delivered by KTN, is supporting BAE Systems Surface Ships to identify innovative solutions to enhance and enrich the Maritime Mission Systems marketplace.  
  • The relationship between geospatial data and Net Zero might not be obvious for everyone, but it is key to fighting the looming climate disaster 
  • KTN Net Zero

    25 Oct 2021
    Find out how KTN can help you deliver a Net Zero future for the UK.
  • KTN Strategy

    01 Aug 2020 KTN
    Our Vision - To establish a network of innovators so powerful its ideas will change the world Our Purpose -  We create the diverse connections to drive positive change.       
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